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About Delicia

(By her best friend, Maleika)

Delicia has a loving heart, kind spirit and positive outlook on life. As my son Micah’s godmother, Delicia has truly fulfilled that role by visiting regularly and taking complete control of his well-being whenever she is around – effectively giving me, a single parent myself, a much needed break. She has a firm but loving hand and my son loves her for it. I plan to be a part of her support system during the adoption process and throughout her child’s life.

Me, my best friend Maleika, and godson, Micah!

We celebrated Micah’s 1st Birthday in Hawaii!

Me with my travel crew – Maleika, Rose and Kim

A core group of friends are a significant part of my life. We travel the world together and support each other through challenging times. My best friend is included in this group. She is a single mother and I’m proud to be godmother to her son. I’ve also been privileged to be named godmother to a cousin’s son and my godsister’s son. Seeing all three of them grow and thrive is wonderful!

Having some selfie fun in Italy